Spring Garden Bison Burger

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Paired or alone, there's something magical about this creamy wine that nods to yummy peaches and sinful delights.

Lucky for me my grandfather taught me to cook and as children we also learned to grow our own vegetables.One of the lessons I learned from my grandfather was that radishes grow great in almost any garden, even without a ton of water but less watering makes for a hotter radish. Let’s just say one year I got something akin to Habenero’s disguised as radishes. Usually your local grocer will have about medium heat radishes so you should be safe!


2 pounds bison
2 teaspoons sea salt
2 tablespoons merlot
2 stalks minced green onion and chives

vegetable oil for brushing on the grill
6 ounces chevre cheese
12 slices French bread
24 leaves of spinach
8 radishes thinly sliced


Prepare a medium-hot fire in a charcoal grill with a cover or heat a gas grill to medium high.

To make the patties combine the bison, sea salt, merlot and minced green onion and chives together gently. Form into 6 patties about the same shape as the French bread slices. Brush vegetable oil on the grill. Cook patties on medium high for about 8 minutes each side, turning only once. The last few minutes of grilling time move patties to one side of the grill. Place each slice of French bread on the grill. Spread one ounce chevre cheese on each patty. Cook for remaining 2-3 minutes.

To assemble burgers:
Layer one slice of French bread with spinach, then radishes, then bison patty and another slice of bread and serve.