Suicidal Wing Sauce Burger

Pairs well with:

Pinot Grigio

You won’t need a bouquet of flowers when you share our Pinot Grigio. This crisp wine with floral aromas is a wonderful way to make an entrance.



1 1/2 pound ground beef (80 to 85 %),
5 salteen crackers,
1 T Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce (to taste),
1 egg,
Lawry’s seasoning salt (to taste),
About 1/4 cup Griffins wing sauce (to taste).
6 ounces blue cheese (crumbled)
6 Large Keiser Rolls (sliced)



Mixing Instructions:
Place beef in a bowl, make a small indentation in the middle of the beef with your fist. Next, crush the salteen crackers into small chunks. Pour a good amount of Lea & Perrins worcestershire sauce on the crackers, to soak up the juice. Crack one egg into the mix. Spread Lawry’s seasoning salt over the top of the beef. Add Griffins wing sauce to desired hotness. Remember, during cooking, most of the sauce will cook out of the burger. The cooked burger will taste between medium and hot, depending on the amount of sauce added. Now mix well, until the sauce blends into the meat. The final mix should leave the meat and your hands an orange color. Divide meat into 6 flat patties of equal size. In center of patty, place the crumbled blue cheese in the center of 3 patties. Press the other 3 patties on top and seal with your fingers. Make sure you seal them good. Do not let any cheese show through or it will burn.
Grilling Instructions:
Grill patties, on an uncovered grill, directly over medium hot coals for 13 to 14 minutes total or until done, turning once. While grilling these burgers, the wing sauce and burger juices will drip!! I suggest cooking these burgers closer to medium-well / well done. This allows the more timid hot sauce eaters to enjoy the taste of the burger and not just the hot sauce.
Cut each roll and grill for a few seconds till slightly crispy. Serve with your favorite tappings if needed. In my oppinion, the blue cheese inside is enough!