Sutter Home Pinot Noir Glazed Prime Rib Horseradish Laced Burgers with Mushroom Duxelle

Pairs well with:

Pinot Noir

Every pour of our Pinot Noir brings you a delicious blend of berry flavors and the romantic aroma of violet.


Horseradish Spread
6 T creamstyle horseradish
6 T cream cheese (room temperature)
Mushroom Duxelle
2 T salted butter
3 T minced shallots
3 lg minced garlic cloves
1 lb cremini mushrooms finely chopped
1 T herb de provence finger crushed
1 envelope dry aus jus mix
1/2 c water
Burger Patties
2 lb well trimmed (90%meat-10%fat) prime rib
6 1/2"x1" ice cubes
6 T Dijon mustard
Spray for grilling
1 4" sweet onion cut into 1/2 " rings
6 split Poppy Seed Kaiser Rolls



Prepare a medium – hot fire in a charcoal grill with a cover. In a small bowl prepare the Horseradish Spread by blending together the horseradish and the cream cheese. Set aside in the refrigerator until burger assembly time. For the Mushroom Duxelle melt the butter in a fire-proof saucepan on the grill at the edge of the fire where you will get a simmer and add the shallots, garlic, mushrooms, & herbs. Simmer untill the liquid has reduced. Remove from the direct heat. You want a firm but moist mixture. In another fire-proof saucepan pour the SUTTER HOME PINOT NOIR in and with a fork wisk in the dry aus jus mix till all mix has been absorbed and add the water. At the edge of the grill simmer while constanly stirring untill the liquid comes to a slow boil and reduces to a glaze and coats the fork. Remove from the direct heat and stir occasionaly to keep a skin from forming. Divide the fresh ground prime rib into 6 equal portions & slip an ice cube into the center of each pattie lengthwise after gently shaping it slightly larger than the bottom of the Kaiser roll. Slather each pattie with 1 T Dijon mustard all around the the surface. Keep as cold as possible prior to grilling. Spray Pam on extra grill rack and place on top of hot grill. Grill burgers over the hot coals for 3-4 minutes on each side for rare and 5-6 minutes for medium. At the same time grill the onion rings till they just start to turn opaque-you want them to still have their shape and their crispness. Set aside. Toast the split side of the Kaiser rolls till just slightly brown and are crunchy – don't over toast. Remove the whole extra grill rack with burgers,rolls, & onions to the prep area for easy preparation. Now it is time to: BUILD A BETTER BURGER Spread both toasted sides of the Kaiser rolls with 1 T each of the horseradish spread being sure to thourghly cover the exposed bread (this will keep it from becoming soggy!). Place the bottom roll on a plate – then place the burger on top of horseradish covered roll. Spread close to the edge 1/6 portion of the Mushroom Duxelle on each burger – then spoon a full T of SUTTER HOME PINOT NOIR Glaze over the duxelle. Place 2 grilled onion rings on top and tilt the top of the poppy seeded Kaiser roll on the top of the stack so that you can see the layers for service. Serves 6 Barbra, Austin, Texas