Sweet Potato Fries Burger W/ Cheese


  • Fresh white cheddar cheese (2 slices)
  • Fresh spinach (as desired)
  • Sweet potatoes (2)
  • Soft and light brioche burger buns (3)
  • Lean ground beef (24 oz)
  • Mayonnaise (as desired)
  • Butter (as desired)
  • Ketchup (as desired)
  • Red Moscato (as desired)
  • Seasoned salt (1/2 Tablespoon)
  • Italian seasoning (as desired)
  • Salt (1/2 Tablespoon)
  • Pepper (1/2 Tablespoon)
  • Adobo (1/2 Tablespoon)


  • The sweet potato potatoes are peeled and sliced, lightly seasoned with Italian seasoning and placed in the air fryer to cook. While that is cooking, the ground meat, seasoned with adobo, salt n pepper, some seasoned salt, and egg all mixed in a bowl. Then form into 1/2 inch thick patties, and put in the oven on 350 to cook for about 15 to 20 min; depending on how well you want it cooked.
  • While you wait on the burger patties, take the fries out after about 10 to 15 min. Split and butter the brioche buns then place in the toaster to toast. Finally, take out burger patties. Spread ketchup and mayonnaise on the top brioche buns. Then place the patty, fresh spinach, and sweet potato fries, in this order, on the bottom brioche bun. Grab a glass of Moscato, and enjoy!