Texas Rancher Burger

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1 1/2 Pound ground brisket (Untrimmed)
1/2 Pound uncooked garlic sausage
1 Teaspoon fine ground black pepper
3 Teaspoons Louisiana hot sauce
1 Clove elephant garlic minced
1 Teaspoon fine ground cumin
1 Teaspoon beef base
Other Ingredients:
6 Onion hamburger buns
Jalapeno Dip (Sour Cream Base)
3 Medium vine ripened tomatoes (Diced)
1/2 Medium red onion (Diced)
3 Cups fresh baby spinach (Diced)
36 Thin sliced dill pickles
6 Sharp cheddar cheese deli slices #2
6 Pre-cooked maple bacon slices
18 Avocado slices



Make the hamburger patties first so all of the ingredients will have time to get to know each other. Combine untrimmed ground brisket with garlic sausage. Be sure to remove sausage casing. Add black pepper, hot sauce, elephant garlic, cumin and beef base. Mix all ingredients by hand, try not to mix to much. Divide mixture into six equal portions. The meat patties should be about one inch larger than buns, they will shrink during grilling. You now need to core the tomatoes and dice them. Also, dice the onion and mix with diced tomato. Dice the baby spinach and set aside. Cut avocados in half, remove seed and cut slices from front to back about 1/4 inch thick. When grill is ready as previousley mentioned, place hamburger patties on grill and close lid for five minuites. After five minuites, flip patties over and close lid for an additional seven minuites. When seven minuites is up, flip patties one last time and add six pickles to each patty with a slice of cheese on top of pickles for an additional two minuites. Remove patties from direct heat and place the hamburger buns on the grill to lightly toast each side for about 20 seconds each side. Remove everything from grill, it is now time to build the burgers. Place a happy helping of jalapeno dip to both cut sides of the buns. Place two tablespoons of tomatoe and onion mixture on top of the jalapeno dip on the bottom buns. Add two tablespoons diced spinach on top of the tomatoe and onion mixture. Place the meat patties with pickles and cheese on top of the spinach, cheese side up. Take each slice of bacon and break in half, apply both halves to the melted cheese on each patty. Add three avocado slices on top of the bacon and place the top bun to burgers. You have now created six Texas Rancher Burgers.