• Please see above in Introduction.
  • One bun per person. I use crustini-like buns, but sourdough or any non-sweet roll would do.
  • Cranberry jelly (two cans for six people), either whole berry or jelly (I prefer jelly)
  • Slices of leftover roast turkey (two slices per burger)
  • Several pieces of previously cooked and drained, medium-crisp lean bacon, per burger
  • Slices of avocado that are more hard than mushy (allow one large avocado for three burgers)
  • Slices of pickle or spears of pickled asparagus, as preferred (one 24-ounce jar will suffice for six)
  • One Angus burger patty per person, either grilled or reheated from box of good-quality frozen Angus patties, like those sold by
  • big-box stores. If buying meat by the pound, purchase about 1/3 pound for each burger to allow for shrinkage in the pan or on the grill, or two Pounds of Angus burger meat for six burgers. Season with garlic powder, salt, and pepper as desired.
  • Yellow mustard/mayo mixture to taste (I use 1:3 mustard/mayo ratio)


  • Lightly toast buns.
  • Spread bottom bun with mustard/mayo mixture to taste.
  • Add drained grilled or cooked Angus burger.
  • COOKING INSTRUCTIONS IF USING FRESH ANGUS BURGER: If made from fresh Angus meat, season the patty to taste with garlic powder, salt, and pepper, form into a palm-sized patty about 3/8″ thick and place on the pre-heated grill.
  • Flip the burger when patches of red liquid form on top of the burger. Drain on paper toweling when cooked through on both sides.
  • Lay pickle slices or pickled asparagus spears cut to size atop the cooked Angus burger.
  • Place previously cooked, drained bacon slices across pickles or asparagus spears.
  • Top bacon slices with roasted turkey slice(s)
  • Lay cranberry jelly-spread bun on top of the burger and serve.
  • SIDE DISH: KISS – keep it simple with refrigerated pre-prepared deli potato salad and green salad with several dressings to choose from.
  • Coffee brownies, using two boxes of brownie mix to which coffee liqueur has been substituted for water and a handful of dark chocolate chips added after mixing. Cook until still moist in the center and serve warm with ice cream of choice.