THE $299.95 BURGER

Pairs well with:

Chenin Blanc

This wine is bursting with crisp, refreshing fruit flavors like apple, pear, and melon, making you want to swing your legs off a dock at sunset.


Champagne Butter
1 stick softened butter
6 tablespoons Champagne

Saffron Mayonnaise
2/3 cup mayonnaise
2 pinches Saffron
1 tablespoon Tumeric
1 teaspoon ground Ginger

1/2 cup sliced Scallions
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
2 ounces Paddlefish Caviar
1 teaspoon Celery Salt
1 teaspoon ground Black Pepper
1 pinch Saffron
2 pounds ground Kobe Beef

Vegetable oil, for brushing on the grill rack
6 Duck Foie Gras slices
6 Brie Cheese slices, sized to taste
6 Red onion slices
6 Prosciutto slices
6 Beefsteak tomato slices
6 Ciabatta Rolls
12 Cucumber slices
Handful of Baby Mache Lettuce



Prepare a medium-hot fire in a charcoal grill with a cover, or preheat a gas grill to

Grill the Foie Gras lightly, you may want to place on foil to keep from falling through grate. Grill about 3 minutes each side, then set aside.

To make the butter, combine the ingredients into the softened butter. Spread butter
mixture into a long strip down the center of a sheet of waxed paper, stopping about
3 inches from the edge on each side. Fold the paper over so that the butter is in the center
and gently push in and under to form a smooth log with the butter. Continue rolling the
wrapped butter log into a cylinder and chill.

To make the mayonnaise, combine the ingredients in a small bowl and mix well. Cover
and refrigerate until needed.

To make the patties, in a large bowl combine ground sirloin with Worcestershire sauce, Paddlefish Caviar, Celery Salt, Black Pepper, and Saffron. Mix well. Divide the mixture into 6 equal portions and form the patties. Cut the butter into 6 equal portions. Place 1 tab of butter in the center of each of the 6 patties. Wrap the meat around the butter and form into complete patties making sure there are no openings.

When the grill is ready, brush the grill rack with vegetable oil. Place the patties on the
rack, cover, and cook, turning once, until done to preference, 5 to 7 minutes on each side
for medium. After the turn, place Prosciutto on each patty.
During the last few minutes of cooking, lightly toast the Ciabatta buns. During the
last minute of cooking, top each patty with a cheese slice, then the Foie Gras.

To assemble the burgers, spread the mayonnaise generously over the rolls.
On each bottom, place preferred amount of lettuce, an onion slice, 2 cucumber slices and a patty. Add the tops and tomato slices and serve.