The All Out Burger


  • Burger ingredients include garlic powder, onion powder, basil, oregano, and buttermilk dry ranch dressing powder. Along with bacon, cheese, spinach, mayonnaise, pickles, and a fried egg


  • First.. The burger requires bacon so it needs to be cooked in a cast iron skillet on a electric stove with a temperature set on medium or no higher than 5. Flip until lightly crispy. Once the bacon is finished, you place the bacon on a plate with paper napkins to soak up excess grease. Secondly… Once the bacon is cooking, you mix up your ground beef containing ingredients of garlic powder, onion powder, basil, oregano, and dry buttermilk ranch dressing. Place those burgers on your preheated George Forman grill and cook for no more than 8 minutes. Meat will be cooked thru and thru.. During this time you take a small skillet and place it on the stove at medium temperature.. You dress the insides of the buns with a light cover of butter and garlic powder and grill down the inside of the bun but be careful not to burn. Remove the buns and place the outside of the bun face up on the plate exposing the inside of the bun. Now… Turn your attention back to the burgers. Now that they are cooked thru and thru you want to add two layers of thinly sliced ham and Turkey to the top of the meat along with 2 slices of bacon per burger
  • followed by a slice of American cheese and a slice of pepper jack cheese. You want to bring the lid of the grill down just enough to capture the heat and melt all ingredients together. After they are combined, you want to move the meat combination to the bottom half of the bun and add a layer of fresh spinach leaves to the top of the meat mixture. The top half of the bun you want to use a small coat of mayonnaise with no more than 6 pickles. Lastly. Fry up an over easy egg in the preheated cast iron skillet and place it over the meat mixture. Combine the top half of the bun with the bottom half. The yolk will break and make as a bridge to combine all ingredients together.