The Bodkin Burger

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Get cozy and get pouring. Our Merlot is the wine for long weekends and lengthy chats.


1cup melted butter
1TBL Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
1tsp Fresh Sweet Basil Chopped Fine
6oz Fresh Fine Chopped Mushrooms
1/2 Medium Sweet Vidalia Onion Chopped Fine
3lb Ground Beef
3TBL Steak Seasoning
1 Eight Pack Of White Sesame Seed Buns
1pt Jar Mayonaise
1pt Jar Mustard
1pt Jar Ketchup
1 Head Fresh Iceburg Lettuce
1 Medium Fresh Beef Steak Tomato



Place melted butter, fresh lemon juice and sweet Basil into medium size frying pan and mix. Add mushrooms and onions to frying pan. Sautee for about 8-12 minutes or until onions are tender. When done strain. While mushrooms and oinions are straining take the ground beef and place in large mixing bowl.(NOTE: DO NOT ADD THE STEAK SEASONING AND SAUTEED MUSHROOMS AND ONIONS INTO THE GROUND BEEF AT THE SAME TIME. THIS IS A TWO(2) STEP PROCESS) Add the Steak seasoning to ground beef and mix WELL. Add the strained mushrooms and onions to the ground beef an again mix WELL. Once finished mixing form 6 even patties. Place on top rack of grill and cook for approx 20-30 minutes or until medium done. Flip burgers freguently to ensure even cooking. Take white sesame seed buns and toast lightly. Spread mayonaise on bottom half of toasted bun. Spread Mustard on top half of toasted bun. Place burger on bottom half of toasted bun(side with the mayonaise). Spread ketchup on top of burger. Place two(2) leaves of lettuce( not bigger in diameter than the burger) on top burger. Place one(1) circular slice of tomato on top of burger. Place top half of toasted bun on top of tomato and enjoy. Serves Approx 6.