The Coloradoan

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Paired or alone, there's something magical about this creamy wine that nods to yummy peaches and sinful delights.

The State of Colorado was the inspiration for this burger. I combined all of the flavors that make me think ofthe state. Woodsy herbs, BBQ and campfires, a little heat from our neighbor to the south, and a fresh mango and cucumber relish to cool it all down. Enjoy


Burger Ingredients:
10 Strips Tyson Hickory Smoked Bacon
½ cup water
¾ cup Kroger KC Style Hickory Smoke Bar-B-Que Sauce
1 Tablespoon Seasoned Salt
1 Tablespoon Ground Red Pepper
1¼ Tablespoon Ground Cumin Seed
1 Tablespoon Chili Powder
1 Tablespoon Thyme
1 Tablespoon Marjoram
1 Tablespoon Rosemary
10 Cloves Garlic, finely chopped
2 Lbs. Ground Beef, 90% lean or greater
6 Slices Butterkase Cheese
6 Telara Rolls
6 pieces of iceberg lettuce (cut to fit buns)

Relish Ingredients:
1 English Cucumber, diced
1 Mango, diced
2 Tablespoon Clover Honey
1 Tablespoon Balsamic Vinegar


In a cold skillet add bacon and water. Place skillet on grill and cook on medium heat until bacon is crispy, turning as needed, approximately 10 minutes. Remove crisp bacon to plate lined with paper towel to cool. Once cool crumble bacon into small pieces.

In a large mixing bowl combine bacon pieces, bar-b-que sauce, seasoned salt, red pepper, cumin, chili powder, thyme, marjoram, rosemary, garlic and ground beef. Separate mixture into 6 equal patties.

Cook burgers on medium heat, flipping once at 6 minutes, add butterkase cheese slice and cover. Pull at 165 degrees Fahrenheit for medium well, approximately 12 minutes. Cover and set aside.

In a small mixing bowl combine relish ingredients.

Slice telara rolls in half and place cut side down on grill surface to toast, approximately 1 minute. To assemble, place 1 burger on each roll bottom, top with 1 iceberg lettuce piece, using a slotted spoon add relish, then roll top.