The Hooray For Oregon Burger!

Pairs well with:

Pinot Noir

Every pour of our Pinot Noir brings you a delicious blend of berry flavors and the romantic aroma of violet.


6 of 4 inch diameter (uncooked) beef patties
1 cup and 12 tsp Caesar dressing
6 tsp garlic powder
¾ tsp salt
¾ tsp pepper
6 tbs Italian Seasoning
3 tbs Oregano
12 tsp mayonnaise
1 tbs Parmesan cheese
6 black olives
2 tbs chopped hazelnuts
½ cup cilantro leaves
6 of 4 inch diameter hamburger buns
6 slices onions
6 slices tomatoes (regular sized)
6 2X2 inch leaves of iceberg lettuce
6 slices of Tillamook pepper jack cheese
24 coin sized sliced pickles



Preheat gas grill for 15 minutes on medium high. Marinate the beef patties in 1 cup of Caesar dressing for 2 minutes. You may have to marinate the patties one at a time in a bowl. Then season them with garlic powder, pepper and salt. Season the patties with Italian Seasoning and Oregano. Place the patties on the grill. Grill on one side for 5-8 minutes. While the patties are grilling, place mayonnaise, Parmesan cheese, black olives, chopped hazelnuts , cilantro leaves and 12 tsp of Caesar dressing in a small blender and blend on high for 15 seconds. Then place the mayonnaise concoction in a small container. It will be used as a burger spread. Once patties are done grilling on one side, flip and grill for 5 – 8 minutes on the other side. Once the patties are done grilling, place each of them on a bun. Spread the inside of the buns with the mayonnaise concoction. Then place equal amounts of the onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and Tillamook pepper jack cheese in each of the burgers. Serves 6. Enjoy!