The Italian Burger With a Swiss Twist

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The ingredients for my Italian Burger with a Swiss Twist are as follows:
1.1 and a half pounds of ground beef chuck
2.A half of a pound of ground pork
3.1 egg
4.Half of a cup of Peccorino Romano cheese (grated of course).
5.2 Tablespoons of Extra virgin olive oil(any kind).
6.1 small onion(chopped well), and 1 Large onion (sliced).
7.One fourth cup of Flat-leaf parsley(chopped well).
8.One fourth cup of Capers(chopped well).
9.1 slice of white bread(any kind).
10.2 tablespoons of milk.
For the topping:
1 large onion(already listed as ingredient #6).
11.4 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar
12.2 tablespoons of honey.
13.4 tablespoons of butter.
14.6 slices of swiss cheese(any kind)
16.6 Kaiser rolls.



Place the ground beef and ground pork in a large bowl, add the egg. Using your hands mix the egg by kneading the meat with your hands. Pour in a half a cup of Peccorino cheese and two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, mix well into the meat with your hands.Add the small onion, parsley and capers; all these ingredients should be chopped well. Mix well with your hands. Add the milk to the bread, let it soak into the bread before adding it to the hamburger mixture.Mix well. With this hamburger mixture you will make 6 medium-sized hamburger patties. Place hamburger patties onto a well-oiled grill pan with a little bit a butter.Depending on how you like your burger you can grill it for three minutes for medium rare on each side or five minutes on each side if you like it well done. When you think your burgers are getting close to being cooked add the swiss cheese(any kind you like). While the burgers are grilling you can work on the topping for your Italian burgers.It's fast and easy and most importantly, delicious! In a small pan throw in the large sliced onion and sautee it in extra virgin olive oil(as little or as much oil as you'd like)until wilted but not too wilted! In a sauce pan add the balsamic vinegar,honey and butter. Keep on a low flame. When the balsamic,honey, butter mixture have been mixed well (for a good five minutes),add the sauteed onions.Let the sauce bubble a little bit before turning it off. Place the Italian-Swiss burgers onto the rolls. Place the sauce mixture right on top of the melted swiss cheese. Eat as soon as possible!