The “Orygun”

Pairs well with:


Get cozy and get pouring. Our Merlot is the wine for long weekends and lengthy chats.


2 med. onions (I use yellow,but any will do)
8 oz. mushrooms (shiitake or your favorite)
3/4 stick salted butter
6 thick slices Tillamook Sharp Cheddar
1 c. pine nuts
1 med. apple (I like Granny Smith, you can use any variety that is fresh and crisp)
2.25 lb. ground chuck (80/20)
2 lg. eggs
black pepper
6 hamburger buns, your choice (I prefer sourdough)



slice onions and dice mushrooms, cube butter, combine all three and wrap in foil, seal tightly; place on med. hot grill; this packet will need to be turn over a couple times while other preparations are going on

cheese slices need to be cut into approx. 1/4 in. slivers

use blender/food processor to chop pine nuts (fairly fine but not to)

core and very thinly slice and dice apple (do not peel)

combine nuts, apple, ground beef, and eggs; divide into 12 equal portions to make 6 cheese stuffed patties

the first or bottom patty should be slightly cupped to hold the cheese and allow sealing of the edges of the top patty so your cheese stays in the middle

salt and pepper both sides of the patties

vent the foil packet and move it aside

turn up the heat

grill burgers, high heat, about a minute on each side; lower heat till done

serve on choice of bun topped with onions and mushrooms