The Stuffed Burger

Pairs well with:

White Zinfandel

With strawberry and melon essences, this American original is perfectly at home with however you like to unwind.


1. Five pounds of eighty percent lean ground beef.
2. two large onions, peeled and sliced thin.
3. three large cloves of elephant garlic, sliced thin.
4. six slices cheese pepper jack.
5. one tablespoon ground black pepper.
6. on tablespoon garlic salt.
7. one and one half cups bread crumbs.
8. three large eggs.
9. three large long green anahiem peppers.
10. five large Jalapeños.
11. two medium tomatos.
12. 6 large hamburger buns.



1. In large mixing bowl, add ground beef, one tablespoon black pepper,one tablespoon garlic salt,one and on half cups bread crumbs,two large eggs. 2. Nead with hands until completely mixed, place in a cold area until use. 3. Light fire on gas grill on medium heat, roast long green chilis and Jalapeños , place on grill cook untill browned and skin has has separated, turn them often. 4. with water wet a medium sized towel, set on counter when chilis are done place on half of wet towel ,fold other half onto chilis, place towel tightly around chilis, add one half cup of warm water on towel, let steam till redy for use. 5. Wrap onions and garlic two or three times with heavy duty tin foil, Also wrap the tomato in two or three times in the same type of foil 6. On medium heat roast; onion,garlic ,and tomatos , turning often for about twenty minutes 7. Under sloww running water wash and peel all chilis,remove stems,put chilis,onions,tomato,and garlic in large bowl, mash together with potato masher,mash real well,set aside until ready to stuff. 8.With ground beef make tweve hamburger patties seven inches by one half inch, set side by side. 9. Whisk one egg in small bowl, brush edges of patties, this will help to hold patties together. 10. With stuffing mix add tomatos, onion,and garlic, two spoons each on one pattie, add cheese on other pattie 11. Mash patties together, squeeze sides real well to make sure they won't open, braze each side for approx. ten minutes each side,Then cook until desired welness 12. place on bun and enjoy the best burger you ever tasted.