This Aint Yo Mama’s Turkey Burger

Pairs well with:

Pinot Noir

Every pour of our Pinot Noir brings you a delicious blend of berry flavors and the romantic aroma of violet.


1 lb ground turkey (Divided into three parts)no more than 85% lean.
1 egg yolk
1 whole red onion diced very thin
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 tablespoon ground cumin
Salt and pepper splash of pinot noir
1/2 lb fresh brie, sliced thin
1 granny smith apple sliced thin
Rosemary Foccocia bread



Combine the ground turkey, egg yolk, onion and garlic (chop onion and garlic in food processor) in a large bowl, add in ground cumin, salt and pepper, and pinot noir and form into three 1/3 lb patties. Grill till almost medium rare and add sliced brie and melt. Toast Rosemary Foccocia on grill till grill marks appear and the bread is slightly toasted. Place burger on foccocia and placed sliced apples on top. Eat up.