Tropical Southwestern Burger w/ a Twist!

Pairs well with:

White Zinfandel

With strawberry and melon essences, this American original is perfectly at home with however you like to unwind.


1 small can of diced pineapples (drained)
1 can of sliced pineapples (drained)
4 slices half an onion (diced)
1 1/2 lbs ground beef
1 can fire roasted whole green chiles 7oz
2 garlic cloves (minced)
1 tablespoon-Montreal Steal Seasoning
2 tablespoon-Teriyaki with Wasbi Marinade
1 tablespoon-Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon- Redhot Sauce
4 slices of Aged Swiss Cheese
4 slices of Canadian Bacon
4 Onion Buns
Lettuce and Tomatoes….



*mix the meat, diced onions, minced garlic, montreal seasoning, teriyaki sauce, hot sauce. Mix that all up real good, then add the diced pineapples to the mixture, don't mix it up too much you want to see the pieces in there… *let that set for about 10 min. *in the mean time you want to grill your pineapple slices, whole chiles, and your canadian bacon, just until they get that grilled look on them… I use a grill pan. Once done set them aside. *make four hambuger patties, then sperate each patty into 2 halves, placing a grilled canadian bacon slice between the halves, and then put the halves back together to reform your patties. Cook them 10 mins on each side *when done grab your bun put your meat, cheese, grilled chile, and your grilled pinapple slice, put a little of the Terayaki with wasabi sauce on top of that and seal it with a bun. Optional – you can add lettuce and tomato if you'd like.